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OUR PROJECT is a management model that aims at fostering profoundly human and spiritual values inside an organization while encouraging and stimulating growth of productivity and competitive profits. In this model, people are valued as humans, and not as “cogs” in the production process. For you who intend to pursue the matter or to implement our project, the reading of these documents will enlighten your thinking and your final decision.


Employee Engagement: The Start of Success

OK, that creepy little rhyme isn’t the perfect metaphor for a lack of employee engagement, but its close enough. How often in your organization do you meet a co-worker who isn’t there? I don’t mean physically absent for some malady…

How Big is the Training Market?

One of the most frequently asked questions of training analysts is, "how big is the training market?" The truth of the matter is no one really knows for sure, although we are able to make good rational estimates based on…